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Matt and Keith took time to get to know me while searching for the perfect brokerage. Matt and Keith listened carefully to my preferences and scheduled training based on our team's likes or dislikes. I appreciate our broker's low-key style. When I don't show up to the brokerage, I don't end up with 12 missed calls like my previous brokerage. They won't make you read scripts that make you sound like a robot on the phone but will guide you to a more fulfilling career. Matt and Keith genuinely wanted to get me into a brokerage that would fit my needs.  When I was ready to join the brokerage, Matt and Keith were knowledgeable, skillful and realistic. I was thrilled to join the brokerage and I am glad for Matt and Keith's assistance for leading me into that career I once hated.  


I unequivocally recommend Unity for any agent looking to explore a different brokerage.   


11/10 Highly Recommend.   



Unity has been a refreshing change after seven years with my previous brokerage. It is great to see a different perspective from new brokers and have three brokers to answer questions. When I am out of town it is easy to find an agent to help show properties and every agent is supportive of each other. It is truly a fantastic commUNITY.

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Are you burned out? Tired of harassing your friends and family? Does door knocking really work? Why are we still making phone calls when our peers text, fb, snapchat etc..? Do you feel your soul die a little every time you make a cold call? Do you cringe when you see yet another "I'm a badass Realtor post on FB?" This was me the year before I came to Unity. I did everything that the "pro's" said I needed to do to be successful and do you know what? I almost left the business. I hated it! I hated me! If this message resonates with you, Come and check out Unity! It is possible to be a successful Real Estate Agent without doing all of the "soul sucking" things that so many in the industry say is the only way to do business. If you're ready to be authentic and shine in the way that vibes for you, come to Unity. I have never met a more dynamic group of Agents who work hard with each other, take care of each other and look out for each other. If you're ready for a positive shift come to Unity!



Unity is my family. This was the first brokerage I have been at and there’s no changing for me. From the environment that the agents create to the two brokers who have your back no matter what, Unity is the place to be. More customizable options to run your business, more love and support, and more feelings of making positive changes in your clients lives here.



I have had my fair share of trying to find my place with brokerages during my time in the real estate industry. I have been with with corporate brokerages and everything in between, and I will say that Unity Group Real Estate has by far been the best experience I have had with any brokerage! These are my people! Keith and Matt and so fun, friendly, and there for their agent's 150%! You always get the leadership and mentorship that any agent deserves from their brokers, and they are quick to reply to any question or issue you have.

The agents are great people, and always willing to lend a hand when needed, there is no competition between our agents like I have found with other brokerages. We are all there to help each other be the best we can be for our clients and our community as a whole. We at Unity Group do not have commission breath, we genuinely care about our clients, each other, and our community! I love that I can be myself at my brokerage! I do not have to hide my tattoos or feel like I have to fit into this "Realtor mold", that I have experienced at other brokerages. They love the outdoors, music (we basically have an entire band of instruments in the office), and to just have fun, and be who you are. I cannot say enough about Unity Group Real Estate. I have found my forever brokerage, and couldn't be happier!

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It's hard to describe my experience with Unity in any other way than "it just fits"!! I stumbled on Unity after I joined another brokerage not knowing all the ins and outs of how things worked inside a brokerage. Unity was a smaller brokerage, within a brokerage. Boy did I learn a lot in those first 6 months!!! I learned that you really need your brokers support, you need them when you need them, not when it's convenient. I learned that without some direction from your broker you will flounder, getting started in real estate is hard enough, but to do it alone is really tough. I learned that you need a broker who really wants you to succeed, not add to their success. I learned you need to work with a team of agents who have your back. Like I said, I learned a lot! I met Matt and Keith because my broker was never available and I was always going to them for help. Even though they were super busy with their own stuff, they always took time for me even though I was not one of their agents. That in itself was very impressive and it wasn't just me they helped. They were present....period! I had the opportunity to join Matt and Keith on a trip to Haiti, getting to know them as people, not as brokers. They care, they are compassionate, they are driven, they know their stuff, they are there for me, they are there for clients, they want to help people achieve their dreams of home ownership. Last but not least, they really care about Unity and really, really care about their agents and their agent's success. I wanted to be part of what they created, I needed to be a part. The rest is history! If you want to be a part of something different, then you "need" to check out Unity.
Don't forget to ask about Fight to Thrive......bring tissues!!

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